Sometimes you need something special and a bit different. I can create wonderful works of art for you! Here are some of the pieces I’ve created in the past, along with their stories.

Daniel Fissell Music Foundation Platter




This lovely serving platter was commissioned by the non-profit Daniel Fissell Music Foundation as a thank you to one of their most active supporters.  The mission of the foundation is to support the expansion of music education in the Philippines.  To learn more about the foundation, visit their website:  The Daniel Fissel Music Foundation Website.

Do you have a special person you would like to honor?  Contact me and together we can design just the right art work.



Table Setting




Why just set a table, when you can create a statement?

Your table can be the toast of the town with some custom table wear.  I made ten – 10″ plates plus 10 serving pieces for this customer.  She wanted five different colors that coordinated – 2 plates in each color along with serving dishes in each color.  You can see how beautiful they all look on her granite table.  Guests see the beauty of her table ware and  give it many compliments.   You, too, can make a statement!  Contact me for pricing.






Curious George




Curious George had been a childhood favorite of a friend’s son.
I made this 3D standing art work for the son.
He proudly displays it in his home.






Wedding Goblet

Wedding Goblet - special order


There is a Jewish wedding tradition where the young couple break a glass. Some of the symbolic meanings behind this include:

  • Temple: Breaking of the Jewish wedding glass is a reminder of the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem.
  • Superstitious: A loud noise is thought to drive away evil spirits.
  • Sadness/Joy: A reminder that even in times of great joy that there is sadness.
    That life will bring sadness as well as joy.
  • Fragile: The glass symbolizes the love and relationship of the couple and is fragile, so it must be cared for and not broken.
  • Broken World: A reminder that although the couple came together as a single union, the world as a whole is broken and needs mending.
  • Marriage is Forever: A broken Jewish wedding glass is forever changed, likewise, the couple are forever changed by the marriage and take on a new form.
  • Be Fruitful: A hope that your happiness will be as plentiful as the shards of glass or that your children will be as plentiful as the shards of glass.

In keeping with this symbolism, I created a unique work of art that incorporated the broken glass pieces of one couple’s wedding union. It will forever be a unique reminder of their very special day as well as a keepsake for generations to come.


Team Spirit

Alanta Falcons - special order

Alanta Falcons – special order


I had a friend who was especially proud of his favorite football team.

He wanted something that would show his pride and his spirit.

I created this wonderful artwork based on his team’s logo.