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 Look for These New Items!

16-in-aqua-white-bowl-webEach year I introduce new items and techniques.  I like to “listen” to what the glass is telling me and then create.  It might be a piece of wall art, or a functional piece such as a bowl or plate or an ornament in a new shape,  a beautiful icicle, a new snowman, or  special kind of ornament.

Golden Tapestry - 18" x 22" $600.

Golden Tapestry


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Can You Remember?aqua, blu wht icicles

The name of your first teacher? Or, the name of someone who really made an impression in your life? Maybe they inspired you. Perhaps they gave encouragement when you needed it most. Maybe they were just there to listen. If you are reading this, then someone took the time and effort to teach you how to read.

Especially during the holidays I like to let those special people know how much I appreciate them and their efforts. Just imagine all the knowledge you have acquired in your life and all of those who helped you get that knowledge.

I can offer you gifts – small to large – just as unique as the special people in your life, that make your gift of gratitude special, timely and long-lasting.


blu_votive (1)Let It Shine!

Have you ever noticed the big part lights play in holiday celebrations? There are various types of Christmas lights to hang on trees or in windows. Hanukkah/Chanukah is called “The Festival Of Lights” and honors the story of the gift of light and the joy it provided. Light can set a mood, show you the way, or serve as a reminder of an event to treasure. I have beautiful votive candle holders and slumped wine bottles candle holders that will help your light shine bright, no matter the mood or occasion!